Your Hair Questions,

From too much shampooing to too much heat, here are our most thorough answers and expert tips guaranteed to keep you and your crowning glory happy.

  • Will hair dye damage my hair?

    There are numerous hair dyes of varying quality available on the market. It is important to learn and choose the one best for you.

    Hair dye can make hair more porous, which causes it to absorb and release moisture more easily. This can also cause loss of colour molecules each time your hair gets wet. To help maintain and protect newly-dyed hair, it is vital to keep as much moisture in the hair as possible. Thus we recommend that you follow up with hair and scalp treatments for optimal hair health.

  • Are there any benefits to hair colouring?

    In addition to looking trendy and fashion-forward, the right hair colours can enhance skin tones and bring out a new you. Covering up greying or white hair takes years off too.

    Speak with your stylist and find confidence-boosting hues that works best on you.

  • What’s the trick to choosing the right shampoo?

    Choosing the right shampoo lies in knowing your scalp condition. Just like with skin, this can be characterised by oily, dry or normal. Scalp and hair care are essential and should be targeted separately based on specific needs. For those who have pre-existing skin conditions, it is recommended to seek professional advice.

  • What are the advantages to getting a perm?

    A perm adds instant volume especially for fine hair. For those with coarse and unmanageable hair, a perm will give you a soft voluminous and wavy look.

    What better way to bring out your best features than with a perm that complements your face shape? We say, get creative and use styling products to achieve different looks.

  • Does blow-drying my hair damage it?

    Hair is weakest when wet as moisture causes hair to swell which can damage the membrane over time.

    Plus, the weather is warm and humid in Singapore all year round. Thus it is recommended to blow-dry hair thoroughly.

    Tip: Go for a heat protectant and blow-dry about 80% before applying hair oil to rejuvenate and nourish your hair.

  • How do I maintain the curls after a perm?

    Thanks to new techniques, permed hair has become much more manageable. With a hairdryer, you can also create beautiful curls easily. Step up your hair game. Define your curls with styling products and try on different looks.

  • Are hair treatments necessary?

    Yes, regular treatments with nourishing ingredients are essential to repair, rebuild and strengthen hair. The right treatments can also replenish that much needed moisture to prevent split ends and breakage.

  • Why are scalp treatments important?

    Similar to skin, our scalp can be characterised by oily, dry or normal. Personalised and gentle care are vital as a healthy scalp means healthy hair. Taking a good approach can also help to prevent the following conditions.

    1. Blockage of hair follicles can lead to hair loss.
    2. Unhealthy hair often leads to slower growth.
    3. A dry scalp is often sensitive and slows down follicle cell metabolism. This can lead to slow shrinking of hair follicles and eventually thinning hair and hair loss.

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